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Grammarly is a software that corrects and improves your writing's grammar and spelling mistakes. It’s a popular and reliable software that is used by more than 300 million people. App is a very easy to use tool that can be used on any device including a computer, tablet, and smartphone. Free grammarly has a free trial of 10 days and after the trial is up, It’s $12.99 per month.



Tool is a free and easy tool to help people correct their grammar and spelling on their computer and on their phone. There are many benefits that come with using tool. First Grammarly free version is free to use and can be accessed through any device with Internet access. Second, Grammarly online has a wide range of features to help people with their writing such as word choice or word order.

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Tool checks for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, or plagiarism. Grammarly app also checks for contextual errors like homonyms and subject-verb agreement. Tool checks for contextual errors by looking for wrong words in sentences. For example, Grammarly extension would catch the sentence "I want to go now" as an error because now is not a verb.

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Interface of Grammarly checker free is very clean and easy to use. Features are located on the left side of the screen and on the right side is a list of everything the app is checking. When you first open the app, you are given the option to sign up and after that, you can type in anything you want. Free version of Grammarly will check for any mistakes.It’s very easy to use and can be used by anyone, as long as they know how to use a device. All you have to do is open this app and type in any sentence will automatically correct any mistakes it encounters.

  • Feature of free Grammarly software is that it checks for mistakes and errors in your writing and fixes the errors that you have. It also has a personal word bank, which is a list of words that will be used in your writing and uses this list to check writing or fix some errors.
  • It has a plagiarism checker which will check for plagiarism and see if the sentence is copied from another source. It also has a spell checker which checks for spelling errors and corrects them.
  • Best feature of the app is grammar lessons which teaches you the basics of grammar and helps you understand grammar.

How to Use & Download Grammarly?

It’s an app that helps fix grammar mistakes as well as spelling errors. It works as a plug-in for Microsoft Office, Gmail, Chrome. It helps with spelling and grammar mistakes as well as with word choice and style. You can also use it on Facebook and Twitter by typing in the correct link. Even though it does not fix all mistakes you make, It’s a very useful tool for those who need help with their writing. 

Most Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between Grammarly checker online free and other tools?
    This tool helps people make sure their writing is clear, mistake-free, or effective. Premium tool is an upgrade to the free version of checker, which offers an ad-free writing experience and adds plagiarism and citation grammarly check online free and proofreading for low-cost and customizable rates.
  • How does free Grammarly check text?
    App works by checking your writing in context and gives you feedback on grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • What is and how to download Grammarly app?
    App is a web-based grammar checker and proofreader. It's the only proofreading tool that looks for more than 250 types of mistakes, including contextual spelling errors, punctuation mishaps, and homophone mix-ups.

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  • The Latest Update! Grammarly has released the latest version of their web-based grammar checking software for Windows, macOS, and Chrome. The new release, version 5.17, is available for download now. The new version includes an improved Grammarly Keyboard, which now features a Quick Grammar Check button. We’...
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  • New Update: Bug Fixes Grammarly has announced the release of Grammarly 6.9. This new version introduces a system of grammar coaching. It will identify and provide feedback on your mistakes and mistakes of your peers. The Grammarly 6.9 also includes: A new dialogue box that informs the user on the status of their gra...
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