10 Most Interesting Facts

  • 17 September 2021
  1. Grammarly is a web-based application that corrects grammar and spelling mistakes.
  2. It was developed by Alex Shevchuk who was a PhD student in Computer Science at Princeton University.
  3. Originally, the tool was designed to automatically correct grammar and spelling mistakes in a word processing program.
  4. The company was initially called Ginger Labs, but was renamed to Grammarly in 2011.
  5. In December 2015, the company raised $110M from venture capital firms such as Benchmark, which led to a valuation of $250 million.
  6. In February 2015, the company reported that it had over 11 million monthly users.
  7. With a paid account, Grammarly can also provide feedback on a user's writing style, making suggestions to improve it.
  8. They have a free version of the app for Chrome browsers and a paid version for Windows and Mac users.
  9. They also have a free version for iOS and Android.
  10. Grammarly has a WordPress plugin to help improve content on WordPress websites.

Latest News

  • The Latest Update! The Latest Update! Grammarly has released the latest version of their web-based grammar checking software for Windows, macOS, and Chrome. The new release, version 5.17, is available for download now. The new version includes an improved Grammarly Keyboard, which now features a Quick Grammar Check button. We’...
    • 15 September, 2021
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  • New Update: Bug Fixes New Update: Bug Fixes Grammarly has announced the release of Grammarly 6.9. This new version introduces a system of grammar coaching. It will identify and provide feedback on your mistakes and mistakes of your peers. The Grammarly 6.9 also includes: A new dialogue box that informs the user on the status of their gra...
    • 10 September, 2021
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